Hodless Bot

Internal and External Token Transfers

Hodless Bot supports both transfers of ETH and BnB to external addresses via the Telegram Bot 👛Wallets menu:
  • Click 👛Wallets in the main menu;
  • Select the corresponding chain - ETH or BSC
  • Choose the transfer type: 1. Outside Transfer- transfer to external address 2. Between your wallets - transfer to another wallet connected to your Hodless Bot
  • Next, enter your transfer address if choosing an 'Outside Transfer', or select a connected wallet if choosing a 'Between your wallets' type transfer
Gas fees are deducted from the user's wallet balance. When transfering funds, make sure to take this into account when choosing the transfer amount. If remaining balance is not sufficient to cover gas fees, the following message will appear: Insufficient funds. Please decrease transfer amount to account for transaction gas fees.