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Copy Trading

Copy Trading is an easy way to automatically replicate the transactions of a particular wallet.
Copy Trading can be accessed through Hodless Bot main menu
Copy Trading Menu
How Start Copying
Navigate to the main menu and proceed with the prompts provided by the bot:
  • In the main menu, click
    Copy Trading
  • Click ➕Add Address in the follow-up menu
  • Select the desired Wallet
  • Select the corresponding ETH or BSC blockchain
  • Input the address to Copy
  • Once you've entered the address you will begin Copying the wallet. Here you can select one of the following options:
    1. Use Default Settings - use the default copy trading settings 2. Configure - configure your copy trading settings manually (see Copy Trading Configurations)
Find Traders to Copy with Hodless DISCOVERY feature
Copy Trading is a powerful tool to boost anybody's portfolio. However, finding wallets to copy can be a tedious task. To simplify this task and make copy trading with Hodless Bot almost effortless, we've integrated a DISCOVER feature directly in the Copy Trading menu which can be used to find traders and view their trading statistics via the Qlasify widget.
  • To DISCOVER a wallet and start copying it:
(Alternatively, see a short and easy-to-understand video tutorial in our official telegram Announcement channel)
  1. 1.
    Navigate to
    Copy Trading in the main menu:
  1. 2.
    Click ➕Add Address:
  1. 3.
    Choose your wallet that you want to use;
  1. 4.
    Select ETH Blockchain (discover is currently unavailable for BSC):
  1. 5.
    Click🔍Discover the best traders to copy
  1. 6.
    Next, click 🔍Discover with Qlasify:
When using Qlasify for the first time you may receive a prompt toJoin their official channel in order to pass the captcha:
  1. 7.
    Click on a trader with stats that suit your preferences:
  1. 9.
    Next, simply COPY the wallet address and CLOSE the Qlasify widget:
  1. 10.
    In Hodless Bot, click the ➕Found a trader? Add wallet to start copying button:
  1. 11.
    Now simply paste the chosen address to start copying the wallet:
Default Settings are automatically used after adding a new wallet to copy, however you can click the ⚙️Configure button to configure your copy trading settings manually (see Copy Trading Configurations guide). (Please keep in mind that any wallets reflected on Qlasify are not in any way connected to or affiliated with Hodless Bot. Traders' past results do not guarantee future success. Carefully analyze your chosen wallet before adding it to the Hodless Bot.
Copy Trading Configurations
Copy Trading Configuration menu can be accessed from the
Copy Trading menu:
  • Click Configure to bring up the configuration menu:
Stop loss 📝- (coming soon) Multiplier📝 - increases or decrease your token sell/purchase amount based on the multiplier (in numerical value, from 0). Multiplier usage example:
  • My wallet balance is 1 ETH. I copy trade a wallet that holds 100 ETH.
  • The wallet I am copying purchases a token using 10 ETH or 1/10 of it's balance.
  • My wallet will automatically replicate this purchase in identical proportion - using 1 ETH or 1/10 of my balance.
  • In this example, if my multiplier was x3, then my wallet will replicate the purchase using 3 ETH or 3/10 of my balance (instead of an identical 1/10 proportion).
  • The multiplier feature is used to increase or decrease the proportion of tokens that are purchased by my wallet when copy trading.
Min market cap📝- preferred minimum market cap thresholds (in $ value, from 0) Max market cap📝- preferred maximum market cap thresholds (in $ value, from 0) Min liquidity📝- preferred minimum liquidity (in $ value, from 0) Max liquidity📝- preferred maximum liquidity (in $ value, from 0) Max sell tax📝- preferred maximum sell tax (in % value, from 0 to 100) Max buy tax📝- preferred maximum sell tax (in % value, from 0 to 100) Slippage📝- set the maximum slippage value (in % value, from 0 to 100) Max ETH/BNB to spend📝- the maximum amount of ETH/BNB that can be spent on a transaction (overrides other settings that would lead to more ETH/BNB being spent on a transaction).
  • Here's an example of fully customized Copy Trading settings:
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