Bribes is a mechanism that allows users to tip (i.e bribe) blockchain validators in order to gain transaction priority within a block when sniping new tokens. Essentially, the higher your tip - the higher your priority in the block and the higher the chances of your transaction being processed before others.

Bribes is one of the most crucial game-changing features when sniping as it increases your transaction priority thus providing better entry (buy) opportunities and prices.

To add a bribe to your snipe:

  • Enter your bribe amount (this amount is NOT included in the max buy amount for your snipe). Increasing your bribe will increase your priority over transactions with a smaller bribe amount or no bribe at all.

  • Enter '0' if you do not wish to use the bribe feature

When sniping, we recommend to always set your sniper bribe amount to at least the minimum of 0.0001 ETH. This will allow you to gain priority over any other transactions in a block that have not used bribes at all.

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