🌀Sniping Methods

There are many methods to consider when setting up a Snipe to maximise the chances of successfully sniping a token during launch. HODLESS Bot offers numerous options when setting up a snipe, including most often used Default methods as well as an Auto method selection and Custom method selection options:

#1: Default methods

The most commonly used methods when sniping:

Text format:



startTrading() 0x293230b8

setTrading(bool) 0x8f70ccf7

enableTrading() 0x8a8c523c

openTrade() 0xfb201b1d

activateTrading() 0x0bd05b69

#2: Auto method 🆕 🔥
#3: Custom method

In the sniper method selection menu, click the Custom option:

  • Enter the desired method and click 🤝Confirm to save the preferred method for the selected snipe

When using a custom sniping method, make sure to past only the Hash of the method (i.e., this part of the method as reflected on the screenshot 0xfb201b1d)

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