The 'Auto-Sell' function allows a user to set a sell order with a number of preset parameters, which include 'Take Profit', 'Stop Loss', and 'Sell in X Blocks'.

It's a very valuable feature allowing users to set almost fully-automated and profitable snipes without any need to perform actions manually. The sniper will buy a coin and sell it in accordance with the parameters set by the user.

It is very important to keep in mind, that the Order Size for every order will only be calculated based on the amount of tokens remaining at the moment of its execution.

Both, 'Take Profit' and 'Stop Loss' orders are setup using 2 parameters:

  • Amount to sell in %

  • Oder price (in base value)

The Order Price will always be set in base price of the traded token (generally its BNB for BSC blockchain, and ETH for ETH blockchain).

In other words, when setting an order, for example, for snipe on DOGE coin on ETH blockchain, the price will be set as a base price for DOGE/ETH pair, or, in other words, in ETH.

The 'Sell in X Blocks' order requires the user to choose an amount of blocks to wait until the coin is sold, disregarding it's price at the moment of execution.

'Sell in X blocks' order type will skip the designated amount of blocks before selling the token after your buy transaction.

In other words, when setting an order to sell in 5 blocks, the coin will be sold in the 6th block after the successful snipe.

How to setup
  1. From the main menu, chose the 🔫Snipe option

  2. Tap on the 💰Active snipers option

  3. Choose the snipe you want to setup

  4. Tap on the 🔴Auto-Sell option:

  1. Choose the New sell order option:

  1. From here, select your order type from the given options: Take Profit, Stop Loss, Sell in X blocks, fill in the order size and its parameters

    1. Order type

    2. Order size

    3. Order parameters

  1. Tap on the Create New Order


Assume user had sniped 100 DOGE/ETH and decided to set all the orders as follows:

  • Sell in X blockssell 50% DOGE after 25 blocks

  • Take Profit sell 25% DOGE at the price of 0.00004 ETH

  • Stop Losssell 25% DOGE at the price of 0.00003 ETH

In this case, in the 26th block, an amount of 50% of user's remaining tokens will be sold:

100 * 50% = 50 DOGE (will be sold),

After that, an amount of 50 DOGE is left remaining on the user's wallet.

By the time token price reaches the set price of the Take Profit order, 25% more tokens will be sold:

50 * 25% = 12.5 DOGE (will be sold),

In this case, as the Take Profit order was set to sell 25% of the remaining amount of tokens, 12.5 DOGE were sold, as it is 25% of the remaining 50, leaving 37.5 DOGE remaining in the wallet.

Similarly to the Take Profit order, when Stop Loss is triggered, 9.375 of the remaining 37.5 DOGE will be sold, as it's 25% of the remaining token amount.

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