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Video Tutorial: How to Set Up a Snipe

The Sniper feature is one of the most reliable ways to be among the first buyers for newly released coins and tokens. A snipe is a feature which attempts to instantly buy/sell (i.e Snipe) a specified token immediately upon the launch of the token (when the specified launch function is sent out by the contract/token owner) Further more, the Hodless bot bribes feature allows users to bribe (tip) validators to further increase their priority in a block and be among the first to snipe a token, drastically improving their entry (buy) price. The Sniper can be accessed from the main menu of the telegram bot:
Unfortunately, due to a recent release of an Anti-MEV protection system, we took a tough decission to temporarily pause the BSC sniper.
This doesn't affect any other functions of the BSC network, such as direct buy/sell transactions, transfers and copy trading.
We may resume the sniping on BSC in the future updates.
How to set up a Snipe
  • Navigate to the main menu and proceed with the prompts provided by the bot:
  • In the main menu, click 🔫 Snipe:
  • Click 🔥 Create New Sniper in the follow-up menu
  • Select your wallet and click Next➡️
  • Input the contract address of the token that you want to snipe
  • Input the max amount currency you want to spend (does NOT include bribe)
  • Input your tip (Bribe) amount if needed:
  • In the confirmation menu, don't forget to check your snipe details:
Click ⚙️Configure to change the snipe name or snipe Method. Click 🤝Confirm to activate your snipe
All active snipes are reflected in the 💰Active Snipers section of the🔫 Snipe: menu. To edit active snipe settings see 'How to edit an active Snipe (Snipe Settings)'.
How to edit an active Snipe (Snipe Settings)
  • Navigate to the main menu and proceed with the prompts provided by the bot:
  • In the main menu, click 🔫 Snipe:
  • Click 💰Active Snipers in the follow-up menu
  • Click on the snipe that you want to edit in the list of active snipes
  • Select the parameters that you want to edit:
1.⚙️Settings - edit your gas, slippage settings and amount to spend 2. ✏️Edit - edit the snipe's name, method or max buy amount 3. ❌Delete - delete the snipe 4. 👁‍🗨Pause - pause the snipe (paused snipes will NOT execute even on contract launch, until the snipe is resumed)
Bribes 🆕 🔥
Bribes is a mechanism that allows users to tip (i.e bribe) blockchain validators in order to gain transaction priority within a block when sniping new tokens. Essentially, the higher your tip - the higher your priority in the block and the higher the chances of your transaction being processed before others.
Bribes is one of the most crucial game-changing features when sniping as increasing your transaction priority provides better entry (buy) opportunities.
To add a bribe to your snipe:
  • Enter your bribe amount (this amount is NOT included in the max buy amount for your snipe). Increasing your bribe will increase your priority over transactions with a smaller bribe amount or no bribe at all.
  • Enter '0' if you do not wish to use the bribe feature
When sniping, we recommend to always use the bribe feature, even if it's the minimum value of 0.0001 This will allow you to gain priority over any other transactions in a block that have not used bribes at all.